Open Source

The server will be retired on October 31, 2017. The content for PCP has been migrated to For XFS, the source has been migrated to, the mailing lists have been transfered to vger, and the community wiki is located at

Open Source at SGI Overview

SGI established its intellectual alliance with Open Source years before the term was coined. That alliance continues to this day through contributions of SGI intellectual energy and properties to the Open Source developmental maelstrom. SGI believes that connecting ever more of the distributed intellectual resources of the Net helps individual developers and the global Open Source community to develop alliances and accelerate the growth and maturation of market-like computational ecologies. Thus, this site is another SGI contribution.

This is the Developer Central portal to all SGI Open Source material. Wanderers, seekers, and developers are offered this gateway to Open Source technical content and advice, libraries of downloadable software, contribution points, email lists, and links to the Open Source community.

SGI Open Source Projects

Here is where you gain access to the Open Source projects SGI has released. Each project name provides access to source code download sites, mailing lists, licenses, recent project news, information on how to contribute, and FAQ's.

Community Resources

There are many Open Source community resources and services online. Referenced here are a few useful and well known newsgroups, support references, and other Open Source and Linux-related information and download sites you may find valuable.

openSUSE™ IA64 Project [more]
Fedora™ IA64 Project [more]
SpeedShop™ for Linux® Press Release [more]
CSA 2.1.0 release available [more]
SGI ProPack™ 3 for Linux® GPL/LGPL RPMS/SRPMS now available [more]
XFSTM 1.3.1 now available [more]
Letter to the Linux Community regarding SGI source contributions [more]
Mozilla 1.4a [alpha] for IRIX now available [more]
KDB v2.5 for 2.4.19 and 2.4.20 is available for download [more]
New PAGG patches available for download [more]
Kernprof for 2.4.19 kernel is available for download [more]